What is the Science Tarot Deck?

Psychic Tarot Cards

Modern science and tarot card readings were once thought to be on two opposite ends of the spectrum.  That has been true for a very long time until the science tarot deck was introduced by psychics.  This specific tarot deck combines mysticism and science by representing myths and connecting it to scientists and their scientific principles.

In this article we will quickly go over some of the most important cards and principles that one could come across within the science tarot card deck.  The first one we will take a look at is the major Arcana.  This card features scientific discoveries and experiments and relates them back to a person’s personal life.  An example of this is heredity traits of people, plants and animals the specific trait you have can be linked to being patient, and experiencing growth in your own life.

Another type of card is a pentacle of exchange.  This card can depict several items such as a magnifying glass.  The magnifying glass represents the way a person can take a more in depth look into their own life and see the way the world and its elements connect with each other.  The Earth’s gravitational field helps us connect both geology and chemistry.  This particular card has an apple on a pulley.  If one was to draw this card it tells us about the seemingly uncontrollable force of gravity.  Many times throughout life we will encounter circumstances and events that seem out of our control.  However, how we handle these circumstances is what matters.  We can therefore choose to take control of the situation by pulling the apple back up or let it all come crashing down on us.

The Wands of Creation card is depicted with a Bunsen burner.  This card represents the beginning of life which is fire.  This card also represents the planets, stars and outer space.  Throughout its life a star continues to get bigger and bigger.  This expansion is similar to the way a person’s life changes throughout the years.  We develop our skills and personalities as we get older.  The person we were when we were young is usually much different than the person we become as we get older.

This quick explanation of the science tarot card deck does not do the deck justice.  If this is something that has garnered your interest a more in depth investigation will be necessary.  This however, is a good place to start.